Chicago Bears: The QB Debacle

The Chicago Bears may be the one team in Chicago that I actually have no clue what their goal or plan is. I know the Cubs are a dynasty, I know the Sox compete for ticket sales with the local movie theater, I even know the Bulls “semi” try to win a championship, lose, think about rebuilding, sign a washed-up star, claim they’re back, and repeat the process, but the Bears?! Who the hell knows what we are. We have a future star in Jordan Howard, a somewhat decent O-Line led by Cody Whitehair, Josh Sitton, and Kyle Long, a young but growing receiving core (please be healthy Kevin White), and the defense actually may be better than average next year.  The thing that always seems to bite us every single season is our QB1. I don’t know what to think about Jay. I loved him for a few games, and then he became an interception throwing Derrick Rose of the NFL sitting out for a scraped elbow.  It’s obvious we are finding his replacement this year, but who is it going to be:

Colin Kaepernick: A rumor popped up that the Bears may be in the running for the former 49ers QB, who opted out of his contract yesterday. First off, I hate Colin Kaepernick. Politics aside, the last thing I want is all the drama that comes with the guy.  He is a glorified speed back who fell into an amazing offensive scheme that left receivers so open you would have to try to avoid hitting them for touchdowns. If Alex Smith hadn’t gone down, he may not even be a name in the NFL anymore.  The guy can run, but anyone that gets beat for a job by Blaine Gabbert, should never be considered as a free agent for Chicago.  I think he would be an awful fit and I trust Ryan Pace will make the right decision to not even look twice.

Mike Glennon: Glennon is actually a respectable QB. We haven’t really seen what he can do. I mean, the guy is really tall, even for a QB, he can throw extremely well. His accuracy ratings are on par with some of the best. Obviously he cannot run the ball but who really cares considering the most recent Super Bowl champion QBs both run a forty yard dash like it’s a mile. I like Glennon. I’d say he is my favorite guy. He still has a very high ceiling at the age of 27, and can hurl it like the best of them. He was under a terrible scheme in Tampa, and I’d like to see what he does under a more traditional under the center offense.

Tony Romo: The man is Jay Cutler. If we want Tony, how about just re-signing a cheaper old man that is hurt in every crucial moment and throws interceptions like touchdowns. It’s a no from me. Do what’s right Ryan. Bears fans don’t deserve this. So what if he has the best record in the month of November. The Bears need a young QB and start developing a guy, not someone with a history of back problems. It would the wrong move but I doubt the Bears will sign him.

A Rookie: This is what we all want. Regardless if it’s best for us, be honest, you all want to see us draft a rookie qb that can run. No one cares about the actual good quarterbacks taken in the draft until they mature and win super bowls. Even then Cam still probably sells more jerseys than Ol’ Tom. If we actually did take someone like Deshaun Watson here or Notre Dame’s Kizer, I wouldn’t be upset. Hell, it’d be fun for a few years to actually see some athleticism behind the center, but we all know that won’t win us a Super Bowl, unless you are Russell Wilson and have the second greatest defense of all time (See ’85 Bears). I actually like Mitch Trubisky. He feels like he actually might be the next Aaron Rodgers or something. The man has an arm, and has mobility outside the pocket. He would probably be the most developed guy coming out of the gate so who knows…right?

Honestly, who knows what Ryan Pace will do? Maybe he’ll call up our lord and savior Theo Epstein and get him to make our decisions. That would be great. We can dream. But for now, we’ll work with what we got. Stay posted on all things Chicago.


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