Bulls Draft Outlook

The Chicago Bulls will be drafting in a few weeks, and the direction of the team is still…unclear. The Bulls with the 8th seed, mediocre 41-41 record gets them the 16th overall pick, middle of the pack.

In addition to that the Luol Deng trade from 2014 was just officially completed and the Bulls get a 2nd round pick while the Kings keep their #10 pick. Which just makes it worse for the Bulls. But that is what they have to work with which is unfortunate because there are some good names that will be taken before the Bulls have a chance.

One of the biggest holes on the team is point guard. While it seems like Rajon Rondo will come back, there is very little depth on the team. Jerian Grant (avg. 5.9 pts in 28 games) and Cameron Payne (avg. 4.9 pts in 11 games) are young guys who GarPax seem to be somewhat high on…but I think their stats speak for themselves. Michael Carter Williams was so up and down last year that there was no consistency to allow Fred Hoiberg to rely on him. Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith and De’Aaron Fox are the top four PGs in the draft and will likely be gone in the top 10.

So what do mock drafts say? Well NBADraft.net came out with a one having the Bulls taking PF Kyle Kuzma from Utah. He is 6-9 and very light on his feet according to scouts and is very quick to the ball on the glass; also been praised for his leadership skills and good combine showing.

Will the Bulls make a trade? Maybe. Will they go another direction? Very possible. Right now it is just a shame that we still see no real direction and the best players available will be gone. This is why making the playoffs was bad for this team.

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