Lazy Sunday Chicago Sports Review

I figured I might as well start writing at least one consistent type of article every week, so every Sunday I will now be giving short takes on all of your favorite teams. Lucky you. 

Chicago Cubs

Cheers to the Cubs for an excellent week.  After an abysmal period of loss after loss, the Cubs rebounded this week with a 3 game sweep on the rival Reds and split a shortened series with the Brewers as one game was suspended due to Chicago’s typical unpredictable weather.  Ian Happ was brought up for the week and proved to us for the millionth time that Theo Epstein knows his stuff. To many fans delight, whether good or not, Tommy La Stella was sent down as of yesterday in order to keep Happ in the majors for at least a little while longer.  I expect him to be moved down as soon as he starts to go cold as he is going to have a better chance at working on his mechanics in triple-A.  The Cubs are looking much better and the pitching is at least serviceable now.  All signs point to getting back on track to winning the Central.  Next week’s upcoming 4 game series against the Giants should be a nice demonstration of how the team is currently looking.  It looks like it will be an excellent series that you surely will want to catch.

Chicago Bears

The Bears did just about nothing interesting this week.  Trubisky got his rookie photos taken which looked kinda cool.  He looks good in a Bears uni.  Almost looks like the next Tom Brady…almost.  Camp is starting soon, players are returning from their long vacations and starting to get in shape for what should be one of the more interesting seasons in recent years.

Chicago Blackhawks

Nothing going on here, not even technically the off-season yet.  Scouting potential rooks’ is going on right now and it will be interesting to see what they do at the goalie position.  Darling is gone and Corey doesn’t look as good as he used to.  A fresh look in goal might prove to be what the Hawks need.

Chicago White Sox

I hate the Sox, I don’t really even follow them at all so you won’t see much on them, sorry that’s just the way it is gonna be.

However, I do applaud them for their recent signing on Luis Robert.  He looks to be an exceptional player and many compare his body to the likes of Yasiel Puig and Addison Russell.  Looks like they grabbed a real winner for the future.  Also the Cardinals were in pursuit of Robert so for once the Sox helped the Cubs out by keeping good players out of our competition’s hands.

From looking at the Sox recent scores they look like a very .500 ballclub.  Losing 4 straight and then bouncing back with 3 nice wins against the Mariners.  Their next series will be against the Diamondbacks.  Two…..great teams?

Chicago Bulls


Recent mock drafts show the Bulls picking another shooting guard like Duke’s Luke Kennard which I wouldn’t disapprove of.  He looks like a nice scorer, I just don’t want another Doug McDermott.  I wouldn’t mind a nice center either, we’ll see what happens when they start working guys out.  If they start looking at some guys that might go early we will get a good notion of whether the Bulls will look to trade Butler or not so that should be fun.

That should be all the relevant teams in Chicago plus the White Sox.

Have an excellent week and make sure to check out my articles which I post everyday.

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