NBA Draft Player Profile: Luke Kennard

Duke’s Luke Kennard is most definitely the man I want in a Chicago Bulls uniform come this June.  His physique, talent, and athleticism, with a unique shooting ability is exactly what the Bulls need in a fresh scoring option.

Kennard’s measurable’s”

  • Height: 6’6”
  • Weight: 202
  • 6’5” Wingspan
  • Averaged 19.9 PPG last season at Duke.  Which is impressive considering he had to balance scoring time between Tatum and Grayson Allen.
  • Ugly….haha

Kennard has really nice footwork and a knack for the game of basketball. He slows the game down and often controls the tempo.  His lack of athleticism may be a problem when translating to the NBA, but we see guys like Gordon Hayward, Goran Dragic, and Chandler Parsons all play the same way and find success.

The Bulls taking Kennard with their first round pick makes a lot of sense, they need a high scoring guard who can create shots for himself and take pressure off Jimmy to do everything.  It’s the position they have been missing for a really long time.

Twitter: @matthewdewitte_

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