4 Things we have learned through the Bears first four games

Dink and Dunk? In Green Bay Thursday night, it was Dink and INT for Bears quarterback Mike Glennon. It was an embarrassment.

In year three under this regime, these kind of games are not supposed to happen. The Bears were outcoached, outplayed, outdicisiplined, and everything other part of the game you can think of.

The Bears are supposed to be competitive this season. Coach John Fox got a “pass” the past two seasons as the roster was being turned over, inconsistent QB play, and the lack of talent. Coming into this season, the Bears were supposed to be competitive. The roster was significantly upgraded, Ryan Pace signed a veteran quarterback who could at bare minimum manage the offense,and Fox has to win to save his office at Halas Hall. But yet again, the Bears have failed to live up to the hype and disappoint.

We are already through a quarter of the regular season. I know, it goes by too fast. The Bears are 1-3, their only win coming last week to the Steelers in an OT thriller at Solider Field. In their losses, they have been outscored 86-38. It is tough to put up points with a below average quarterback. That is why the Bears need a change at their command. It’s time to play the kid, the chosen one, Mitchell Trubisky.

In this article, Thomas Gibbons will look at what we have learned through the first four games of the 2017 Chicago Bears season

The Mike Glennon experiment has failed

The Bears took a chance on Glennon and to really no surprise, it has blown up in their face. I could see why the Bears wanted Glennon. He has the height, been in the league for quite some time, and was one of the top guys on the market. What Ryan Pace was not expecting was that it would turn out this badly.

Glennon has failed to command his team, make plays, and limit turnovers. Does anyone wish the Bears kept Brian Hoyer? I do. Hoyer was somewhat consistent and was able to march the Bears up and down the field. On the other hand, Glennon has trouble getting into field goal position.

Coach Fox is coaching for his job. It makes absolutely no sense to keep Glennon as the starter. Even though it was a small sample size, Mitch Trubisky played very well in the preseason and is way more athletic than Glennon. He opens up the offense where Glennon’s gameplan is limited.

A quarter of the season is a good enough assessment. Glennon failed to do his job, plain and simple. The Bears have to admit they failed, and doing that is saying Trubisky will start week five.

Tarik Cohen has playmaking ability 

Tarik who? That was my reaction on draft night along with a lot of other Bears fans. A 5’ 6” running back from North Carolina A&T looked to be a very questionable pick by Pace. Yet so far this season, Cohen leads the team in receptions and has had those “wow” plays.

There is no getting over Cohen’s speed and ability to make guys miss. His skill set is special and even at his size, can be a huge factor in today’s NFL. We got a glimpse of his talent in camp and the preseason, but Cohen burst onto the scene in the season opener, accounting for 113 total yards of offense and a touchdown.

Cohen’s versatility is a big factor too. The Bears have lined him up in the backfield, the slot, and even in a wildcat formation. He is not just the “human joystick” but is the Bears secret weapon. He is like a bag of tricks, and you do not know what the Bears are going to do with him play by play.

Leonard Floyd has been a ghost

Aside from getting his first sack of the season Thursday night, Leonard Floyd has been a non-factor.

The Bears staff and media praised Floyd over the offseason, getting significantly bigger (muscle), and improved his technique/ pass rush moves in a big way. Also, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio would be working directly with the outside linebackers this season, which many thought would up his game for sure. Yet Floyd has failed to be a playmaker, totaling just one sack and eleven tackles.

When is Floyd going to take that next step? Last season, we saw flashes of what Floyd can be. His speed and aggressiveness stood out on tape, but his strength was not there to take on professional tackles. So that became a focus of the offseason for the second year pro.

I thought Floyd, along with the other OLBs, would have a big game with the Packers starting tackles out. As you can tell, it did not happen. Floyd needs to start getting to the quarterback. He has faced some fairly solid offensive lines but that is no excuse. The Bears need their first round pick for a year ago to become a leader and a playmaker or they are in trouble.

Akiem Hicks is the Bears best defensive player–at the moment 

After reviving his career last year with the Bears, Akiem Hicks has been a force on defense so far this season. When you come across a player like Hicksm who fits the system and was highly productive, you have to lock him up. Hicks and the Bears were in contract talks all offseason, and both sides finally reached a deal, a day before the season opener.

Hicks is not an easy man to move. Even when being double-teamed, offensive lineman have a tough time moving him off the line of scrimmage. Hicks is extremely disciplined, along with freakish size and strength. His consistency this season and ability to stop the run is why he is so valuable to the Bears front seven. Did you see his first sack on Matt Ryan? The big man can move.

If Hicks were to miss time for any reason, the Bears would struggle to replace him. His presence in the trenches is a big reason that the Bears are just allowing 3.5 yards per rushing attempt, good for 12th in the NFL. The Bears best defensive lineman still has big games ahead of him, and hopefully his foot injury does not make him miss time.

The Bears will have ten days to prepare to the Minnesota Vikings for a Monday night showdown at Soldier Field on October 9th.

One thought on “4 Things we have learned through the Bears first four games

  1. It’s hard to put a finger on why Leonard Floyd’s production has been down. One thing is I felt like he was put into coverage more often in the first couple of games. Another thing is the other team seems to be game-planning for him a bit more than last year. Finally, I think he’s just had some bad luck with QB’s moving away from him into other pass rushers. We’re starting to see him force sacks that other guys receive credit. Overall, I still think he looks awesome. His production will rise.


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