Time for Trubisky

By: Alex Patt

The long-awaited decision by Bears fans has finally been made by the team Monday morning as they have determined that rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky will start next Monday’s game against Minnesota. Trubisky was the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft and is now the face of the franchise’s future. He is replacing the struggling Mike Glennon who turned the ball over four times last Thursday in Green Bay.

Trubisky impressed in the pre-season with his accuracy and mobility in and out of the pocket. It was a small sample size in games that have no merits in the standings, but it gave people a good look at his raw talent and athleticism. Glennon did not throw down field and was incredibly slow in the pocket. At this point it was clear that Glennon was not the answer with five fumbles and five interceptions in four games and it was time for a change. While the team is still under a rebuild process, and the team will not be a playoff team this year, a big step forward can be made with getting Trubisky some experience in regular season NFL games.

There has to be some perspective put into this when it comes to his performance next Monday. He is a rookie facing a really good defensive team in the Vikings and there will be some growing pains. Do not expect him to go off and throw five touchdowns passes for 400+ yards in his first game, do not even expect him to start the game by throwing a lot of passes. This will be a growing process for him and he may make a few mistakes to begin his NFL playing career, but that does not mean he will automatically be a bust.

However he plays on Monday, it will be refreshing to see a change that was much needed at the QB position.


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