Bears Must Take Kid Gloves Off Trubisky For Success

Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears


It’s reasonable to assume the Bears may try to baby Trubisky as he navigates his way through his first true test in the NFL as the Bears starting Quarterback. After all, it’s why they basically sacrificed three games and almost all four of their first games when it was clearly obvious Trubisky was the Quarterback that gave them the best chance to win after the preseason. Forget the fact it was obvious by the second quarter of the Tampa Bay game that a change was warranted. Wins and losses this season is even less important than the success of the future.

However, in the Bears minds, they wanted to make the transition as easy as possible. Thus sticking with their plan which obviously had them inserting Trubisky in week five. He would have four weeks of studying and running the scout team and quite possibly even game planning for his first opponent the entire time should the failure of Glennon happened which in fact it did. Also, he would have an extra day of practice and an extra three days of preparation for the Vikings this coming Monday Night.

However, the Bears must resist the urge to protect Trubisky and they must open him up full throttle. Sure, you’re not going to execute the entire playbook game one, but they must use the best plays in the passing game that match up best against their opponent. Even if that means risk of the Bears throwing dangerous passes against dangerous teams with an inexperienced and unproven Wide Receiver Corp and maybe even a bad match up at one of the tackle positions. Mistakes and failure are inevitable. The sooner he gets them out of the way the sooner he’ll learn what he can and can not do. He’ll also learn what his teammates can and can not do and calibrate from there.

It’s almost as much about failure as it is about success. The best teacher is in fact trial by fire. If you succeed without consequence what have you learned? Nothing because there was no lesson to be learned in success other than handling it gracefully and risking being too full of yourself. Ah, but come adversity and with it the sting of failure that makes a much more profound impression and much harder to forget. Not quite the harsh lesson birds use to teach there young to fly as some are clearly not ready and thus plunge to their deaths, but a hard lesson indeed to allow your future to go against NFL defenses in full froth without a safety net.

Some people believe that you can ruin a career this way. I believe that’s utter garbage. Sure if you give him the David Carr treatment and have him get pounded play after play for his entire career it would have a profound effect to be sure, but the Bears have protected the statue that is Mike Glennon well and Trubisky has mobility. Bears will also do something they couldn’t do with Glennon and that is move the launch points making Trubisky a far less predictable target to hone in on. Also, the unpredictability factor of whether he’ll take off or throw will keep the defensive line in a more disciplined mode concentrating on contain more than an all-out rush to paydirt. Trubisky’s mobility is probably his best protection. Even more so than the offensive line.

In short, the Bears have a lot at stake here. Particularly Ryan Pace and John Fox. They have both agreed to this plan and if in fact, it fails they fail themselves out of jobs. Pace perhaps more leash then Fox, but to me, it’s obvious they are hand in hand in this. The irony is if they want their priced gem to sparkle and shine they’re going to have to polish the dirt off of it and the only way to do that is allow a little dirt on it. They must be willing to allow him to fail early so that he can shine and sparkle later.

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