Why Tarik Cohen should never see south of half the offensive snaps

Tarik Cohen, almost like a majestic and rare breed for Bears fans. In the sense that we have this insanely talented rookie in our team, potential and athletic ability through the roof, but Dowell Loggains for some reason doesn’t not want to use him. His excuse for not using Cohen “sometimes the defense dictates who you can have in the field.” That answer is wrong in every way, shape and form. Tarik Cohen can be a special weapon with him just standing on the field.

When game planning for the Bears and Cohen, the defense has to commit at least two people to watch and cover him. If not, as rare as it’s been, we have seen what has happened.

Yesterday in the Bears gut wrenching loss to the Lions, Cohen  played a pivotal role in the offensive game plan. It was the first time we have seen such usage since the first couple games of the season. In fact,  Cohen had accounted for over 191 all purpose yards between rushing, receiving and returning kicks/punts. The kid is game changer and has the ability to score whenever and wherever he is at on the field. Normally coaches crave  to have players like that and finds ways to get him on the field. I guess Dowell Loggains doesn’t really feel the same way. But hopefully yesterday was a wake-up call for Loggains and Cohen showed the staff exactly why he must see the field a lot more.

The Bears playoff hopes is all but over at this point, thanks to John Fox and Loggains. But this team is showing great promise in all the young players this year, especially on the offensive side of the ball in Trubisky, Shaheen, and Cohen. These last 6 games are pivotal in the sense to develop the young bucks and go into next season with an edge, and eagerness to see what else these guys can do.

Cohen doesn’t need to be an every down running back, but he needs to be an every down player because of his skill set. Not many people can catch up to the kid due to ability to make the defender miss  in space. At 5’6, 190 pounds. he can hide and squeeze through gaps that are not there. Cohen has great hands and runs quick, crisp routes. This is where I feel the Bears are under-utilizing Cohen. A linebacker can’t cover Cohen. That just won’t ever be able to happen and a mismatch that is waiting to happen. Most safety’s and corners will have a hard time keeping up with him. But if there is a corner or Safety covering Cohen, then you already have a mismatch somewhere else on the field. Cohen doesn’t need the ball every play. But he needs to be incorporated on the field every play.

At the very least, he’s a decoy that can still change the game by doing that. The Bears could form some SCARY formations on offense with Coehn and Jordan Howard. It’s all about using the strengths of your team and make the defense dictate their game plan in accordance to your offense. There have been too many opportunity’s that Fox and Loggains have set up the offense for disaster.

With just six more weeks of this putrid coaching, we can direct our focus to a new head coach of the Chicago Bears. We have seen week in and week out how close we are to winning games against some of the top teams in the league. I’m tired of being “that close”!!!! I have full faith in Ryan Pace to finally go out and sign HIS coaching staff and not be forced into one. Stick it out Bear fans. The light is shining through at the end of the tunnel.


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