Kris Dunn’s improvement is a reason to watch the Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are 3-13, but we know this season is not about wins. It’s about player development and finding out who can be apart of the future.

Kris Dunn has been a bright spot for the Bulls this season. Dunn has scored in double-figures four times in the last five games while shooting 42% from the field in November. His defense has been suburb, being among the top players in the NBA in steals per game.

Coming out of Providence, we knew Dunn was a solid defender. He was a two time Big East defensive player of the year and finished his college career averaging 2.2 steals a game.

Particularly on display the last few nights, Dunn can be a handful for opposing point guards. His length and athleticism allows him to pressure guards. Here is Dunn vs. Kemba Walker. Defense cannot be taught, it’s all effort!

Another positive we have seen from Dunn is his shot is getting better.  Fred Hoiberg and Dunn worked on his shot all of camp and it was something that had to be fixed. While Dunn may be a drive first point guard, he has to be able to knock down shots. And in Hoiberg’s shot happy offense, you have to hit shots  or you will not play ( see Paul Zipser).

In addition, Dunn will only get better  when Zach LaVine comes back. When you have a rising star and a scorer on the floor with you, it opens up the offense. Dunn will have a playmaker to look for on the floor and that is when some people will start turning their TV channel to Bulls basketball.

LaVine has been cleared for full contact in practice and I think we are just days away from seeing him on the court.

As Fred Hoiberg said the other day, Dunn being named starting point guard is a long term change. He is going to have some great highs and bad lows, but you have to let him play through that. It takes time to develop and adapt to the NBA game and if Dunn is your future point guard, you have to put him in the best position to succeed. I have been impressed with what Dunn has done so far and excited for what the future holds.

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