Cubs updates…not much, but some thoughts

By: Alex Patt

*Comic Book Guy voice* Worst. Offseason. Ever.

It has been a while since the Cubs, or any team for that matter, have made significant moves. The last notable MLB move Wade Davis, which was right before New Years. The Cubs last big moves were signing Steve Cishek and Brandon Morrow which was before Christmas. The past few months the rumors swirled around names like Yu Darvish, Alex Cobb and bringing Jake Arrieta back.

The latest “news” so to speak is that Alex Cobb reportedly declined a three year, $42 million offer from the Cubs. It seemed like for a while that he was a sure lock to come to Chicago, but that does not seem to be the case. The Cubs had their meetings with Yu Darvish a few weeks back and still seems to be on the Cubs radar.

According to Bleacher Nation, the five teams still in on Darvish are the Cubs, Yankees, Astros, Rangers and Twins.

Pitchers and catchers report in basically a month, and Darvish, Arrieta and Cobb still have not signed with any teams. Something has to happen soon. It is very possible the Cubs will end up with one of those names, but it remains to be seen as to who it will be. All we can do now is play the waiting game.

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