Michael Porter Jr: A future Bulls star?

By: Jovanny Santiago

Michael Porter JR in a Chicago Bulls jersey would be his lifelong dream. I would love to have him in Chicago with the culture we have now and the core of Kris Dunn, Zach Lavine, and Lauri Markkanen.

I understand he has a back injury that kept him out most his freshman year in Missouri. However, Porter will and can be a stud in this league. The way the NBA is going now, he will be a great fit since he is a flexible big man. Even with his limited tape, he showed flashes of why he was a top recruit and a promising NBA player. 

As the Bulls transition into year two of the rebuild, it was a change the city of Chicago needed.  With the Bulls being in the draft lottery this year, third straight year picking in the top 14, will hope to land another building block for the future and I believe Porter Jr. is the guy.  Having a player like Porter with the young team the Bulls are creating would be something Bulls fans would be very happy about.

A starting lineup with Dunn, Lavine, Porter Jr.,  Markkanen, Robin Lopez would be a solid lineup. Realistically, it could be a playoff team if the bottom of the Eastern Conference is as close as it was this season.

I really cannot wait to see how the Bulls future is. Adding Porter Jr. to the mix would be another great pick by the front office and a step toward becoming relevant in the East again.

The Future is very bright for the Chicago Bulls. The draft lottery is this Tuesday, May 15th and the Bulls have 5.3% chance to win the lottery. Go Bulls!

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