Breaking Down The Bulls Schedule

By: Robert Weihofen

The full NBA schedule was released on Friday and the Bulls have not one, not two, but three national televised games along with their game in Mexico City vs. Orlando.

So let’s take a look at some key games, stretches, and take a gamble at predicting the win total for the season.

Key Games:

October 18th at Philadelphia 76ers. Their season opener is going to be a big measuring block right off the bat. The 76ers have become one of the top teams in the East, and the Bulls want to prove they are an upcoming squad.

November 16th at Milwaukee. A National TV game, and Jabari’s return to Milwaukee is going to be interesting to watch. The Bulls can see where they stack up early on against heavy division foes.

January 15th at L.A. The Bulls meet their old foe LeBron James in Hollywood. Always a must watch when James in on TV.

Key Stretches: 

The First Twenty Games: With how bad the Bulls started off last season, the first twenty or so games this year are going to be key to their success.

Post All-Star Break: As a team that could field a few All-Stars, the first few games after should have a majority of the team well rested for the second half of the season.

Last Five Games: These games are either going to be the key to the Bulls getting a possible seventh or eight seed in the playoffs this year, or are going to be used to build and keep morale up at the end of the season.

Win Prediction: 

Most sites and experts have the Bulls right around their win mark from last season, 27, and a few outliers even have them winning a few less games. Looking at their improved roster, returning players, and the schedule at hand, I think they are going to win between 32-34 games.

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