Blackhawks Recap: What Should Fans Make of Recent Streak?

The Chicago Blackhawks have won four games in a row and 5-3-2 in their last 10. During their four-game streak they have scored a total of 26 goals with half of them being recorded by Jonathan Toews (5), Patrick Kane (4) and Brandon Saad (4). Kane is currently working on an 11-game point streak and has 11 points during their streak. Credit should also be given to Cam Ward who has a .937 save percentage in the two starts he made against the Sabres on Friday and the Islanders before the break.

So this hot streak has some people bringing up the word “playoffs” again. Going into Monday the Hawks are five points behind the second wild card spot which is occupied by the Vancouver Canucks. Seems like they are getting close to the playoff spot…however, the truth is they look a lot closer than they actually are.

Despite thew win-streak, the team is still four games under (20-24-9) with 49 points. Their current playoff odds according to is 3.6% and hockey reference has them at 5.0%. They hold the second-lowest point total in the Western Conference with only the Los Angeles Kings behind them. That means they would have to leapfrog the Ducks, Oilers, Coyotes, Blues, Avalanche and Vancouver to get into a Wild Card spot. To put it in perspective the Blackhawks would have to win roughly 20-25 of their last 29 games to have a shot. They would need 41 points in their remaining games to reach 90 and that probably is not enough.

Yes the Blackhawks are playing some better hockey. A lot of it has to do with Patrick Kane playing out of his mind and Jonathan Toews doing what he did for many years in his youth. However in the end the playoffs are still a pipe dream and very unlikely. There is a whole lot of ground to make up in little time and while Kane is playing great, he will naturally cool off for a little bit.

Take the streak for what it is, team playing better with the top-guys playing very well. It is very nice to see the power play producing as well and hopefully it can keep producing. Unless something drastic happens the 2018-2019 Blackhawks will be working on building for 2019-2020.

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