Alex Patt and Thomas Gibbons’ Favorite Home Run Derby Memories

It can be argued that the MLB Home Run Derby is the most fun part of the All Star Week festivities. Watching players hit the living daylights out of baseballs is always a treat to watch. The newer rules introduced a few years ago with the clock instead of “outs” has made the competition even more intense. The cast of players this season may not include a Mike Trout or Bryce Harper, but it at least gives other players some time in the spotlight.

Whether with the old or new rules, there have been so many great memories over the years of the Derby. Here are some of ours.

Alex Patt

Favorite memories:

  1. Despite not winning it in the end, who can forget Josh Hamilton’s insane run he went on in round one of the 2008 derby at Yankee Stadium? He his some monster shots and the crowd in the Bronx went nuts.
  1. Seeing Kyle Schwarber and Bryce Harper duke it out last year was fun, even if Schwarber kind of got screwed by the clock.

Pick to win the Derby:

Give me the kid Vladdy Jr. He will do his Hall of Fame father proud. He has insane power and him winning would be great for baseball.

Thomas Gibbons

I still race home from football practice to turn on the Home Run Derby. It’s exciting and when you have one of your team’s players in it, it’s even more enjoyable. When Alex and I came up with this idea to share our memories, a lot of them cam rushing back. A few stand above the rest, but every year there is excitement watching those balls go back…back…back…GONE!

Favorite moments:

  1. I have to agree with Alex that Josh Hamilton’s stellar performance at Old Yankee stadium. It was amazing, especially being in the last year of the park. I did not think he was going to ever stop. The crowd was electric and seeing those balls soar into the upper deck is something I’ll always remember.
  2. How about Todd Frazier having to hit 15 in the final round to beat Joc Pederson? Frazier tied it at 14 and on his first swing in bonus time he hits he wins it in front of his home fans at Great American Ballpark. It was quite a site with fireworks going off and everyone on their feet. It makes you wish you were there.

My pick for tonight? I’ll take Pete Alonso. The last New York Met to win it? Darryl Strawberry in 1986.

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