Looking at the good and bad from Mitch Trubisky in season opener

By Thomas Gibbons

Mitch Trubisky played his worst game as a Chicago Bear Thursday night. His poor decision making, missed reads, and failure to get in a rhythm set the Bears offense back a lot. You can blame the play calling as much as you want but it’s Trubisky’s job to execute and he had his share of mistakes you would hope a 14 game starter from a year ago does not make. He’s far from being the franchise QB we want him to become.

Watching last night’s game, there was instances of good, bad, and ugly from Trubisky. Let’s dive into those right now.

The Good

Trubisky has a bunch of nicknames that have circulated on the social media airwaves. Maserati Mitch, Pretty Boy Assassin, Mr. Biscuit was one in college and the list goes on. These nicknames are warranted when Trubisky plays well and Thursday night at Soldier Field, he made some great throws/reads that get you saying “that was money Mitch”.

The Trubisky to Allen Robinson connection

This is a throw of a third year quarterback. Back shoulder fade for a big gain. These are the types of throws Trubisky can make and will make with a receiver like Allen Robinson on the outside. Perfectly placed ball too.

Trubisky making the right read on an RPO

The evolution of the RPO is very fun to watch as a football fan. You can get very creative scheming guys open. On this play, it appears to be stretch left up front but Trubisky has multiple options on this play. He can give to the running back or pull it and throw the pop behind the linebacker. He makes the right read here and sets up third and short.

The Bad

Trubisky forcing throws

Trubisky only had one interception last night to former teammates Adrian Amos. But it could have been more. His decision making was very poor last night and the score could have been a lot different if the Packers did not drop a few balls their way. While this throw to Gabriel above was not picked off, it was read the whole way by Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander. Trubisky locked on to Gabriel leading to a batted ball.

I do not know what Trubisky was thinking on this one. First off, he seems locked in on Patterson the entire time. Second, he lofts this throw giving the defender plenty of time to break on the ball. Like it says above, TE Adam Shaheen has a step in front in front of his defender on the drag route. I know it’s third and long but you have to make the safe throw here with Patterson covered tightly.

It’s game one. The Bears are not going to be perfect but with the weapons on offense, you expected a better showing. Trubisky showed flashes last season that he is capable of being a starter in this league. In the season debut, Trubisky was hesitant and failed to put the offense is a good position to get points on the board. Next Monday night in Denver, the Bears need to establish the run game with David Montgomery, who did not have nearly enough touches in his NFL debut. Establishing a strong run game with open up the passing game and play action for Trubisky and the offense.

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