Nagy Needs to let Trubisky be Himself

Matt Nagy has been using the catch phrase “Be yourself” since he was hired as the Bears head coach. Now it’s time for him to apply that theory to his Quarterback by calling plays that he has the highest possibility of succeeding with. Most notably using his legs.

When Packers Cornerback Tramon Williams was quoted as saying, “we wanted to make Mitch play Quarterback,” that told you everything you needed to know about what the book on Trubisky is around the league. It’s clear they’re watching last year’s tape and scheming against what last years tape showed. Given that information it’s no wonder why the Bears want to introduce a new look to the league. Essentially, the Bears gave the Packers what they wanted hoping that at the end of the game they would no longer want to make Mitch Trubisky play Quarterback. Unfortunately, when the bulletts were flying live Trubisky was unable to dodge them.

The first game may have given the league a gameplan on how to scheme the Bears offense but it also gave the Bears a gameplan in how they need to use Trubisky. It’s up to the Bears to give teams what they want while making them regret it. LET. MITCH. RUN!!!

Eventually, you want Trubisky to be able to pick teams apart using his skills under and behind center from the pocket, but at this point it’s looking like that isn’t going to happen consistently enough to feature. Use Trubisky’s athleticism. Roll outs, boots and waggles, half rolls, Planned sneaks, delayed sneaks and encouraging improvisation. All of it. Bears need to look at it as not giving teams what they want but giving Trubisky what he needs.

It’s no different than anything in life. You perform better at what you’re familiar with better than what you’re learning to be good at. If you’re a blues guitar player and you join a speed Metal band you’ll need time to incorporate the techniques needed to execute the complexities of that genre. In this case allow Trubisky to play the blues while he continues to practice speed Metal. As he begins to master chops introduce them in games incrementally rather than make him perform the entire play list.

There is a concern that predictability is an issue but there are so many different ways you can execute a play within the same play. Unless you continue to do the same thing over and over in that play rather than vary it based off what the defense is doing and where you can exploit the matchups to your advantage, teams can know what you’re running yet maintain unpredictability off of it.

A lot was made off of the one formation the Bears ran 10 times out of their 60 or so plays versus the Packers where everytime the Bears lined up a Running Back offset to the right of Trubisky on the trips side the Bears ran an RPO. Well, that’s fine but there are three options off the RPO. Not only do you have three choices on one play you can always vary the options.

If the right read is made there is no reason said play couldn’t succeed even if the defense reads an RPO. It’s not like the only way to beat a defense is to fool them. There are only a finite amount of options and plays teams can run and you can believe defensive coaches and players have seen most if not all of them. For the most part execution and winning your assignments or lack thereof are the way plays are won and lost.

So, go ahead and allow Trubisky to run, to throw scripted passes, get the ball out in 2.5 seconds or less, give him half field reads, move the launch point consistently. All the things teams expect Trubisky to do. Stopping it is still the challenge defenses must face. Run/pass balance is also key. Aside from the obvious reasons it also allows you to add some play action strikes downfield and misdirection plays. 

Eventually, you want Trubisky to be able to win plays based on his ability to use his mind and eyes as well as his athleticism and arm. Until then, you have a defense and an array of weapons ready to compete for a Superbowl. It’s now time to shelve development as the number one goal in favor of winning now. This is the one curse of arriving early as a team that ramps up expectations and starts your championship window.

There is now a responsibility to the fandom as well as the organization as a whole which supercedes your Quarterback’s development. Even if it is your handpicked franchise Quarterback. It is now the organizations responsibility to both develop their Quarterback while also winning. Until than you’re playing into the hands of your opponent by allowing Trubisky to “play Quarterback.” For now, allow Trubisky to be himself. Allow Mitch, to be Mitch.

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