Trubisky Saga Troubling but Lowered Expectations may Make it all Better

I can remember when I heard people comp Mitch Trubisky to Alex Smith I would bristle at the very thought. As a fan I did not want my #2 overall drafted Quarterback’s ceiling to be a middling player who was drafted with the expectation of being much more than he had become. Well, maybe it’s time to accept the fact that if Trubisky reaches Smith’s peak it would be reason to rejoice.

The problem is and always will be the fact Trubisky was chosen over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson who both at this point, obviously were the better choice iver Trubisky. Oh, and throw in the fact the Bears traded up one spot with those two still on the board. While it’s looking like a huge mis-evaluation on Ryan Pace‘s part and his scouts all is not lost just yet.

There are a lot of similarities between Trubisky and Smith. First, they were both overdrafted. While Smith ultimately figured it out and became a very good Quarterback, his first 4 years were rough. He also needed another chance by another team to figured it out. Trubisky is off to a similar start in his career. Trubisky, like Smith, is a good athlete who can use his legs to make plays as both a runner and a passer. They both have/had good arm strength while not elite athough, Smith threw a nice deep ball which Trubisky struggles with.

The other similarity they both share is Matt Nagy. Smith’s potential was realized when he arrived at Kansas City where Nagy helped develop him when he was Smith’s Quarterback coach. If anyone knows how to develop Trubisky to reach Smith level Quarterbacking who better to do it than the guy who was Smith’s position coach when he turned from bust to top of the league statistical passer and winning Quarterback.

Another thing going in Trubisky’s favor is that his current defense is much better than any Kansas City had at any point during Smith’s tenure. That fact would have one believe that Trubisky is going to be put in better position to succeed with more possessions to succeed and to pile up the wins. The Bears defense should put the Bears offense in consistent position to win by limiting the possessions as the Bears have given up just 3 third down conversions in 2 games thus far. So they get off the field quick. Probably a contributing factor to why the turnovers are down. Not as many opportunities.

Look, the reality is painful and hard to accept but it is both theraputic as well as neccessary because it’s highly likely Trubisky will not be elite. However, he is not useless. He has physical attributes that can be exploited most noteably with his feet. He has a decent arm too. He has to get his timing down with his receivers to complete some big plays. If the Bears wish to progress to the next level, they will need to have the threat of a downfield game to open up the short to intermediate level. That’s just football 101 stuff. In spite of Trubisky’s flaws the Bears can scheme up things to get the ball going in the right direction. The goal line. Wouldn’t hurt crossing it once in awhile.

Whether it’s Alex Smith, or Joe Flacco, or Eli Manning, all guys who achieved a high level of success without reaching superstar status, at this point you’d be happy to take it if you’re anyone invested in the Bears on any level. Now, close your eyes and take a deep slow breath. I want you to imagine if you will, an above average offense scoring 24 points a game while possessing the ball the majority of the time teamed up with this defense and special teams unit. You got that image burned in your brain, right? Not bad, huh? You know what? That’s still in play here.

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