Looking Towards the 2020 Draft for Bears Next Quarterback

I’m going to address the 5 ton elephant in the room at the 8 week mark of the season which is a jarring fact in itself. That’s who and from where does the next Bears Quarterback come from. Look, unless you’re a family member or close friend of Mitch Trubisky‘s, or one of his fanboys, there is no belief or trust that Trubisky will figure it out. There is zero evidence to suggest he will figure it out before his rookie deal expires if at all. So the search should and better begin this offseason for his replacement as starting Quarterback for this franchise moving forward barring some miracle turnaround transformation. If it doesn’t happen this offseason Ryan Pace may not get a second shot at drafting the future franchise Quarterback.

While I do feel a veteran needs to be added to the roster I’m starting with the draft as an option and focusing on the Prospects most likely to fall into the second round. Maybe the late first should the Bears choose to trade some draft captial. It’s unlikely they’ll use what is necessary to get the top prospects. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t get a legit starting NFL prospect arguably at the most important position in all of sports.

I am going to spotlight someone I feel has a shot to drop to the Bears in the second round and is a nice prospect to become a franchise starter and that’s Washington Huskies starting Quarterback Jacob Eason.

First thing you start with when you begin to evaluate Eason is his size. This kid looks great on the hoof. Protypical size you want from a pocket passer at 6’6″ and nearly 230 pounds with plenty room to add more muscle mass. Eason is a pocker passer too, so he will have more experience going through his progressions. So that bodes well with executing Nagy’s offense who clearly wants a Quarterback to do most of the damage from the pocket.

Another thing Eason has is a strong arm. Velocity is not an issue with him. He can and will fit throws into tight windows. His arm strength also allows him to throw the ball very deep with range as far as 70 plus yards downfield. He’s also very good on anticipation throws which is a huge element in running a Nagy style offense from the Quarterback position. However, with a strong arm there’s a tendency to take some risks feeling confident he can fit balls into areas he should be inclined not to. However, he has not turned it over as he has just 3 interceptions on the season thus far.

It also means he sometimes puts a little more on passes instead of taking velo off in favor of touch. He has improved in that department as the season has gone on showing the ability to adjust. In the NFL there are passes he gets away with now he won’t at the next level. Still, I like the fact he isn’t gun shy about making a play. This Bears offense needs a little risk reward as they are at or very near the bottom in big plays. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

On these next two plays you see the arm talent on full display. On this first GIF he throws a dart into a very small window with perfect ball placement and some smoke.

Here, you truly see the arm strength as he throws this ball on a rope from 45 plus yards away right on the money hitting his receiver in stride.

In this next clip you see his accuracy from long distance as he drops a dime hitting his receiver perfectly in stride for a 60 yard strike and a TD off play action.

While Eason won’t confuse anyone with a running Quarterback he does have enough mobility to escape the pocket to earn extra time when his progressions are all covered and keep his eyes downfield after breaking contain. Here, he does just that and throws a dart with nice ball placement for a TD. He also shows the ability to throw from less than ideal platforms throwing with velocity and accuracy without having to square his shoulders.

On this play, he shows the fearless ability to stand in the pocket to wait for his receiver to get open knowing full well he’s going to take a clean shot by a defender and delivers an accurate pass with some heat for the completion.

Eason as a prospect is not perfect or a finished product by any stretch of the imagination but he does have a legit NFL Quarterback skill set. His arm is most intriguing but he shows all the makings of being a natural in the pocket with the ability to operate outside of it when necessary or even on planned boots and waggles. The thing that really jumps out at me is his poise. He rarely looks flustered and seems unphased in a congested pocket.

He biggest concerns I’ve read in some scouting reports and articles about him seem to center around Eason always throwing with velocity and not taking something off when needed. Most seem to think he still needs to learn how to throw with more touch. The other big one is his lack of being a running threat but I feel he can move enough to pick up yardage or escape the pocket when needed. Other’s have said he needs to get better with his blitz recognition which is very common for a young signal caller.

He appears to have a high football IQ and has a nice calm demeanor which should bode well when things get caotic which will help calm teammates down in the face of adversity. He seems to have good leadership abilities. While Eason is far from a perfect prospect he seems to have more than enough physically, mentally, and intagibly to be developed into an NFL franchise starting Quarterback and someone Ryan Pace should think long and hard about drafting if he falls to the Bears in the second round.

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