Can Jake Fromm be the Bears Future Signal Caller?

With the Bears season ready to take a nose dive I’ve decided to focus my current and future blogs to themes of what’s to come for next year and beyond. Maybe a few will be about developing players this season with thoughts on how to best aid the future of the team as well. While the season is far from over, without having a legitimate Quarterback in a Quarterback-centric system it’s hard to envision a playoff push with the team currently at 3-4 and sitting as the 12th seed in the NFC. This is why I am focusing on the Quarterback position first and starting with the draft.

My next prospect will be on Georgia starting Quarterback Jake Fromm who at the beginning of the season would have had no shot at landing in the Bears laps in the second round. However, with the emergence of other players at his position and a slight regression of his play he has dropped some on most NFL Draft prognosticators rankings. Most have him as the 4th to 6th best QB prospect in this upcomming draft class. In spite of this fact, the Bear likely may still have to trade up to acquire Fromm as there are several teams in need of a franchise Quarterback. It’s possible up to 6 QBs will go in the first round and possibly even more by the time the Bears first pick in the draft comes up.

This would put him in range for the Bears to either straight pick him if he falls to them when their pick in round two comes up or trade up into the early 2nd late 1st. GM Ryan Pace has shown he will be aggressive with trading picks as he values quality over quantity with his draft capital. This could be both encouraging &/or discouraging as his draft trades have had mix results especially when applicable to the Bears current starting Quarterback position.

Taking the analysis of past results out of the equation trading up for a Quarterback from this class would be a fairly risk free move as this class looks deep. While he may not be the next great future Hall of Fame NFL QB Fromm is the anti-Trubisky prospect being as he is pro ready and experienced coming into the NFL as a 3 year starter. Those 3 years are also in the SEC where he is facing and has faced some of the best defenses and future NFL defensive prospects during his tenure with the Bulldogs.

While Fromm may have the highest floor and be the most pro ready QB in this class this side of Tua Tagovailoa he is not without a fairly high ceiling too. In the right system with the right coaching it’s possible he could turn into one the NFL’s best and do it fairly quickly. Fromm is very cerebral and is very good at aubibling into and out of plays and setting protections based on reading the defense. Something Mitch Trubisky was not experienced with coming into the NFL and has yet to have gotten a grasp on.

Fromm is also physically gifted as well. While not necessarily a running Quarterback he does have good athleticism to make runs when the pocket breaks down to pickup a first down with his feet or to escape the pocket to buy time to look downfield for an open receiver. While being a pocket first passer he has improved throwing the ball on the run during scrambles and planned boots.

He does not have the same arm as Jacob Eason, (the guy he replaced at Georgia and I last profiled), he does have an NFL arm that enables him to make all the throws in an NFL route tree. Fromm throws with good touch, anticipation and accuracy and can put enough velocity on his throws to fit into tight windows.

He also has good size to play Quarterback in the NFL at nearly 6’3″ and a solid 220 lbs. While his physical gifts entice you it’s really what he brings above the shoulders that excite you. He is the type of Quarterback you feel would give Nagy the type of confidence to give the keys to the offense to. Entrusting Fromm to properly pick the correct play within the call based on the defensive look and factoring their offensive personnel package to take advantage of their best matchup option. Let’s look at some plays that standout from his tape at Georgia.

Here is a little bit of the athleticism I was writing about. While not an option run first QB he can tuck it and run when the pocket breaks down and has the speed to get first downs as he does here versus Alabama in last season’s championship game.
On this play Fromm executes an RPO to perfection which is a staple play in Matt Nagy‘s offense. Fromm makes the correct read pulling the ball back and hitting the slant.
Here, you see Fromm drop back and put his arm on display after just a flick of the wrist he drops a perfect 50 yard dime right on the money for a long score in the 2018 championship game.
Fromm shows his ability to throw for velocity and read through progressions as he throws a dart on an out route to his third or fourth read in his progression. He also shows his pocket awareness navigating a dirty pocket climbing up and delivering a strike from a less than perfect throwing platform.
On these next two plays Fromm shows his ability to throw on the run which adds to a teams chances to score in the red zone as Georgia did on both plays. The second off of play action on a mis-direction boot.
On this play you can see the natural instinct he has for the position. The first thing you notice is him manipulating the safety with a shoulder fake to his left than he reads through his progression until he sees his best option streaking down the seam. He than launches a long strike downfield after the safety vacates the deep middle for a huge gain.
One of the biggest telltale things indentifying a good QB prospect is ball placement and it doesn’t get much better than on this play to current Bears receiver Riley Ridley.

In conclusion, Fromm shows off the skill set that comes with a pro ready QB from the college level. Experience against a high level of competition, sucess individually and a high winning percentage, Poise, pocket awareness and presence, sound mechanics, instincts, High football IQ, arm strength, above average athleticism, leadership, anticipation and accuracy are all the things Fromm brings with him.

Another thing to consider when possibly connecting him to the Bears as a draft choice is Ryan Pace‘s connection to the Georgia program. Clearly, there has been a relationship established likely through one of Pace’s scouts. My bet is the Bears have an extensive knowledge of Fromm and not just from the football side either.

For those who feel it’s ride or die with Mitch Trubisky for Pace you’d be half right. If Pace does not seek out Trubisky’s replacement he will certainly die as the Bears GM. A team cannot sustain winning without a competent Quarterback. As soon as the league saw the tape on Trubisky a plan was formulated that required his adjustment and one he to this point has not been able to do.

Nagy clearly is system reliant and his system needs a competent signal caller. If Nagy doesn’t get one Pace and Nagy will be sending out their resumes for positions elsewhere in a year or two. Fromm may not be the best prospect in this class but he is probably the most ready to start day one. While he may not have the highest ceiling it’s still possible he will be the best of this class. He has that kind of ability to go with his polish. Don’t be shocked if Pace pays the price to move up in the late first early second for Fromm.

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