BREAKING: Jerry Reinsdorf to “turn the heat up” on General Manager Gar Forman

By Thomas Gibbons

This report is music to many Bulls fans ears.

From Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times:

According to several sources, Bulls board chairman Jerry Reinsdorf is not only livid about the team’s 6-12 start and the continued sinking outside optics of the organization, but is beginning to turn his attention to the job security of general manager Gar Forman if the ship keeps taking on water.

The Sun-Times also reported that Doug Collins, Senior Advisor to the front office, has never been a huge fan of Forman.

Forman has been with the Chicago Bulls since he joined as a scout in 1998. He was promoted to director of Player Personnel in 2004 before being named General Manager in 2009. Since then, his track record has not been great, and some of his decisions are fireable offenses.

Just to name a few

  • Drafted Marquis Teague in 2010. He averaged 2.1 and 2.4 points per game in his two seasons in Chicago. Teague was drafted over Warriors star Draymond Green, who it was reported Tom Thibodeau wanted
  • Tony Snell was their first round draft choice in 2013. He failed to produce any sort of consistent production.
  • Fred Hoiberg was his choice for head coach.
  • Signed Cristiano Felicio to a four-year, $32 million deal.
  • Traded Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott for Cameron Payne

The list could go on of bad decisions made by Forman and the front office.

Now what about John Paxson? Here is another bit from the Sun-Times post today:

Like vice president of baseball operations Ken Williams with the White Sox, Paxson is all but untouchable in Reinsdorf’s eyes. 

Now, given the Bulls are in Year three of the rebuild and there has been minimal improvement with their young talent, one could make the case for Paxson to be on the hot seat too. Though, Forman’s decisions and how he has conducted himself within the organization is why he’s the one in trouble.

Some change is better than none. Right now, this is just a rumor. But this type of news is long overdue.

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